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Reasons Why Magento over other eCommerce platforms?


No matter which business niche you are associated with, eCommerce is a must. Every business owner who owns an online business wants to have a flexible eCommerce solution.

If you are thinking about developing the perfect eCommerce site with perfect eCommerce website design with loads of useful features, with mobile responsiveness then you can browse the internet to find out the best available in the market.

Now, while browsing you may be lost getting so many in the search results. Well, while going through countless options the main criteria should be to have the right eCommerce solution with the best framework. This brings an end to your search as Magento is the answer and the best eCommerce Platforms to assist you.

Why Magento though?

Now, if you have already heard of Magento a lot and known it to be the preferred choice of many business owners, you still wouldn’t want to believe in what others say blindly isn’t?

Certainly, you should check why Magento should be your first choice over other e-commerce platforms?

Magento comes with multiple features and is one of the best eCommerce platforms over many others. If you are still not convinced let us look at what Magento has in store for you and reasons why it should be chosen over other eCommerce platforms.

Easy integration

You may find the core function in many other CMS platforms but not all of them meet your requirements. They rely on apps or certain plug-ins for the smooth functioning of the platform. 

On the other hand, Magento is related solely with an e-shopping source integrated with certain apps and built-in plug-ins created by other developers.

APIs are easily extensible so that they can connect with different apps like shipping, tracking analytics, etc.

Open source plus a free option 

Nowadays, looking at the tough competition your business has in the virtual market, you need the most powerful, scalable eCommerce platform like Magento. 

You may find many other eCommerce platforms available in the market like Zen Cart, OpenCart, OsCommerce, WordPress, etc. 

Out of the above-mentioned eCommerce platforms, Magento is considered as the most SEO friendly and user-friendly eCommerce platform with outstanding features and unmatched flexibility for the users.

After hiring Magento ecommerce service you can manage the content, looks and other functions of your online store. 

Magento is certainly an amazing eCommerce solution provider that is embedded with result-oriented solutions along with of scalable eCommerce website design and an extensive supportive network. Some of Magento versions are 

  • Magento Community Edition
  • Enterprise edition
  • Magento Go

An ideal option for e-commerce:

As compared to other CMS platforms, Magento is designed specifically for e-commerce platforms. When you hire any professional ecommerce development company they would suggest Magento platform for your online store as it is integrated with useful features like:

  • inventory management
  • user dashboards
  • advanced shipping
  • supplier management
  • built-in cross-sells
  • CMS options 

The platform is user-friendly and effective.

SEO friendly 

Not just the hosting details, but Magento also helps the websites to reflect in search engines.

 You get the liberty to configure your platform the way you want to provide metadata, product descriptions and also sitemaps for specific search engines for example – Google. You get the source code along with instructions to make it a smooth process.

Easily customizable platform 

The requirements of each business, industry differs and each one of them uses a CMS platform differently. To meet the needs of each and every business category, Magento allows its users the convenience to customize the Magento platform to meet their individual business needs. 

Since it is open-source, it can be customized easily than other ecommerce platforms in the market.

It comes with a powerful back end service for useful strategies. This makes Magento a successful ecommerce platform that promises success and constant growth for your business.

Better extensions and easy to use admin panel

Before you decide to opt for Magento platform and seek ecommerce website solutions from a reliable source, just go through the amazing features Magento offers you.

Not only Magento is the ideal open-source platform it has a series of better extensions. The easy to use dashboard helps perform admin functions without any hassles. It can also be optimized for search engines. That makes it SEO friendly too. Magento offers a customer-centric shopping experience.

Unbeatable Efficiency 

The load time of your site matters a lot and a slow running site can snatch away the potential customers from you.

Magento is the right ecommerce solution provider to combat slow loading sites. It allows collecting data in a fraction of seconds helping your business remain on the top. It activates cache data, retrieves it faster and offers helpful tools you need to become successful in the eCommerce zone.

Simple shopping cart

You may lose your potential customers if your shopping cart seems to be complex.

Magento has recognized the importance of a simple shopping car and thus it provided a simple shopping cart, which is easy to upgrade to meet the latest market standards. It is also positioned accurately and is user-friendly.

Mobile responsive 

Mobiles are crucial sources that contribute to online shopping. You can check out for new offers, shop online using your mobile. This means your ecommerce website design should be mobile-friendly so that it attracts a number of customers to your business.

Here Magento is the best option to go with. It has mobile-based technology and offers its users the drag-drop feature, option to manage screen size with sharp audiovisuals.

Facility to create customized themes

These days your old and standard themes won’t work to gain maximum traffic to your online store. You need to have unique and attractive themes that portray your business well. Again, Magento is the perfect platform to achieve your business goals as it helps you develop customized themes to meet your business requirements. This is the primary eCommerce service you can consider.


The above aspects of Magento certainly explain its benefits from scratch and the reasons why every business owner is looking at Magento as the best eCommerce platform.  Magento is gaining popularity with each passing day among business owners. The range of features that Magento carries, make it one of the best eCommerce platforms.

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