Migration to Magento 2: Why is it so essential?

Well, you may be happy with the Magento 1 version but why is there so much hullaballoo about Magento 2?  People are talking extensively about it and bloggers are actively mentioning this in their blogs.  So, you are at crossroads…whether to upgrade or no!

How necessary is it for your kind of business?

First and foremost you need to ascertain the kind of business yours is!  How the current Magento store is performing.  If your business is expanding and falls in the bracket of $20 million – $100 million annual gross merchandise spend, then it is strongly recommended that you go for the migration.  In case your business is small and has very basic business requirements, perhaps the current one would meet your goals.

What kind of benefits Magento 2 will entail if you migrate to that platform?

The main motive of the version is to make the business performance far more superior.

  • Superior performance and higher efficiency:  You can clearly feel the superiority in performance in the speed as well as the scalability.  There is faster loading time by 50% in both checkout pages as well as the catalog.  This is extremely essential to leave a good shopping experience in the minds of the customers.  Where scalability is concerned, it can support really huge traffic…as huge of 2 million hits or page views and around 250,000 orders in an hour.
  • Amazing flexibility:  Thanks to the advent of more modern technologies, this latest version is compatible on all the platforms and hence shows more flexibility.
  • Tremendous support:  No wonder this latest version is gathering so many eye balls and hence there is bound to be more support for any glitches there may be there too.
  • Better quality Magento extensions:  The changes have been come about because of the better quality codes that the Magento developers have incorporated.  The entire marketplace will be reorganized as well as closely monitored by the specialists themselves.  So, one can expect amazing extension quality too.  You can put all your fears about a distrustful module to rest.

When there are advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages too.  Well, its large budget may prove to be a major issue for small businesses.  There may be a few technical issues which the merchants will not know how to tackle and the enormity of the advanced technologies increases the complexity.  It calls for expertise while setting up the platform.

When is it the right time to upgrade or migrate?

Well, as mentioned earlier, ascertain where your business exactly stands and weigh the pros and cons in relation to your specific business.  As there are still lesser number of extensions readily available, that may be helpful for your business, migrating to Magento 2 would be more beneficial in the second quarter of 2016.

However, do consider the aspects like budget, technical support and availability of extensions too and then decide whether the migration would contribute to the positive growth of your business.  Magento has been touted as the best platform for ecommerce and this latest version will prove no less.

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