Magento 2.0 is Coming Soon

The main online business key Magento exists for a long time. It has been downloaded more than 4 million times, and now Magento 2.0 is coming soon, so get prepared for the New Year gift. In this article, you can discover data about most energizing features of Magento 2.0. Thus, it is the ideal time for users to arrange an execution of Magento 2? With the guarantee of quicker operation, better versatility, simply customization and more adjustable integration of extensions,, there will be numerous of features for users prepared to move up to Magento 2 when it is accessible. Magento 2.0 is planned to be on general accessibility to vendors before the end of 2015, prior by a beta release for users in third quarter (Oct. to Dec.). As of now, Magento is searching for input from designers on the beta version published in December 2014, prior a ultimate designer publish toward the end of first quarter(Jan. to Mar.) 2015. Chief of Product Management for Magento, talk about how Magento 2.0 will permit speedier time to market, with lower development costs. Half Reduction in Time to Market

  • Speedier time to market
  • Lower long term support costs
  • More ability to become adjusted to new conditions
  • More compatible marking
  • Better email promoting effort representation

Target of Magento 2.0

  • Modernize web technology stack
  • Improve performance and scalability
  • Easy customizations
  • Separate business logic from presentation
  • Clear installation and upgrades
  • High code Quality and improved testing framework

The Magento 2.0 codebase is openly accessible at GitHub, and in case you’re a developer, you can download the code, test it out, and make a limb.

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