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Entering Visual Commerce World


Want to shoot up your sales with minimal efforts? You heard it right with minimum endeavours.

This is done by Visual Commerce. It’s important to understand what Visual Commerce is.

We start with an example, You see an anonymous person on your way, wearing a shirt you like the most. Through visuals you brain conceived it, but now how to find it n web, what to write, how to describe to get the same thing you saw. Seems burdensome? ! And you have no idea whether you’ll get the same result in your search queries. Do we have another way to get the same shirt we perceived through our eyes?

The answer is Visual Search, rather than wasting our time on inaccurate search keywords and results.

Makes the process simple, easier and results in a short time. It permits them to imagine themselves utilizing their camera to do what they’ve been longing for, the thing which provoked them to bounce on the web and quest for it.

Ecommerce retailers and marketers have found their way to reach out to more audience, build their trust through Visual commerce. Rising importance of visuals in the ecommerce world has amplified the search, awareness and conversions.

These visuals interpret the pictures either through visual clues or image’s metadata. Incorporated with AI, it shows you most relevant search result possibilities.

Studies says,

  •  Currently only 8-10% of retailers have incorporated the visual search in their respective sites and when integrating ecommerce sites with UGCs (User Generated Content), revenue has increased by 82%,
  •  Retailers reported a 40% increase in purchases when featuring video.
  • Compelling images are getting more views say 94%
  •  64% millennials demand visual search capabilities than any other technologies.

The data reveals, this is becoming a need of an hour and marketers are seeing value in Visual Commerce. Big Brands are hustling to make it in action soon as it pays off well.

Capabilities to look for in Visual Commerce:

Transforming content into Info graphics:

Way of representation changes always with time. Written content has its own importance and there’s no denying fact but gradually visual contents are becoming more engaging. It makes you free from adding relevant keywords for particular items as persuasive power of visuals take over. This is what infographics do to us, it’s a self explanatory. Gives a clear, precise meaning to everything. When enhanced with branding, attractive visuals and data, can influence the customer’s decision.

User Generated Content:User generated content or brand related content and both useful, colorful and vibrant at the same time. UGC’s boost marketing and sales and focus relies in making a content strategy that can be striking and engaging with customers. You can play more with UGC by giving them reasons to choose your brand by telling them what’s special about them and their products. It actually adds the human essence to it. It has become a sales channel. You can create separate galleries to host images for your customers.

Target audience through social media: Through visuals it’s possible to deliver without writing much content and to do that in just a fraction of minutes, you don’t need to spend hours finding right content, that will be done by UGC, sounds great!

The impact it creates is direct, very engaging and expands your reach. Social media ads are made for this only to reach a target audience through promotions and build a network. IT inspires them to be your loyal customers. You can also embed visuals from other social platforms as it could help you to create a social proof, increase conversion rates, brand value and support claims.

Ambassadors marketing: One of the best uses of visuals is for marketing and promotions, increasing sales and brand name for your webstore. Through ambassador marketing it’s easy to influence fans and other folks to promote your brand friends, associates and users directly to your site.

Increase Website Vibrancy: Through name, it’s clear, colorful and vibrant.Visuals are the main essence, the compelling and vibrant visuals have a very good impact on the visitors. Work with beautiful shoppable galleries to increase website vibrancy and keep the users engaging to your site.

Visual Commerce is turning into an indispensable piece of marketing. Hence it becomes important to choose a platform that fits a company’s needs and has scalability. A Visual Platform has a variety of aspects that ensure seamless flow and helps in increasing sales, drive conversions and maintains engagement. The visual platforms are made to provide superlative consumer experience and support business. We have accumulated a few best visual platforms.

  1. Photoslurp: Photoslurp is a stunning visual commerce platform analyses, investigates and publishes user-generated content in an innovative way. Ensures high engagement and conversion rates, gathers UGC images/videos, and integrates to your eCommerce store.
  • Curalate: An advanced visual commerce platform incorporated with artificial intelligence that links images/videos to products of your store through image recognition. It enhances product discoverability and collects visual content from other social media platforms also to display it users.
  • Adsmurai: Another helpful visual commerce platform implying use of machine learning to deliver you the best visual content. This platform provides user generated content for marketing campaigns for sales and social proof.
  • TaggShop: An advancement of Taggbox. It converts visual content from other social media platforms into shoppable feed. It amplifies reach and reduces bounce rate. Here you can tag products shown in the form of images and add links to buy directly from visuals by converting visuals into shopping instantly.

Wrapping Up:

As you could see, these take the world of commerce to another level. It’s a trend which benefits store owners as well as customers can also take advantage of it. It’s the future of the ecommerce industry. 

The power of visual commerce platform is its cost effective, resourceful, strengthens relations by building trust and adds value to your brand.

Vaibhav Salot
About author

Specialization in Sales & Marketing.He has 5+ years experience in Marketing & Sales.
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