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Creating Evolutions through Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI; a word known and on everyone’s lips. Has changed the world in terms of technological enhancements and the way we live in today.

Touched every field and area and made its name worldwide. The system is smarter than humans. We couldn’t imagine doing work much like never before. It’s going to be our digital partner for the long run when used wisely.

Now, how it’s affecting Ecommerce world, is the matter of subject.

Ecommerce and retail are taking full advantage to understand customers, clients in a much better way, their preferences, to reach target audience, delivery, promote sales and much more relying on AI solutions. These sectors are making huge profits.

It’s creating a revolution !

AI is benefitting the ecommerce industry in multiple ways. To understand customer’s experience and perspective few things we have listed below:


Ecommerce is now focusing on giving personalized approaches and building good user experiences. Needs of an individual rapidly changes and to keep up with them becomes difficult to analyze. To cope up with, these Chatbots came into picture. Chatbots are used to simulate human conversation, when used with AI through any messaging application.

Because of this online assistance to customers has become possible as they could understand issues of the visitors coming to the site.

  • First, these can be used to execute operations and marketing by offering assistance,
  • Can help automate order processes by providing customer service via speech, text or both,
  • Integrating them with shopping carts can bring you potential customers,
  • Provides most convenient & valuable support for online business with decreased response time.


CRM is used to maintain the bulk of data.  Earlier by manual practices, it used to take lots of effort to gather and evaluate data in order to provide the services. Through AI large volumes of data that helps to analyze which customer will be able to make a decision to buy. With CRM enhancements, everything goes right, predictions made easy with accurate results and this helps in maintaining healthy relations with the customers, generate new leads through the use of data and revenue gets increased.

CRM’s are becoming sales friend, as they no longer need to do any monotonous task and just focus tracking the purchase patterns.

Product Recommendation:

It has become possible through AI to predict customer choices and display personalized product recommendations based on choices they make. These have found to be popular and increasing by conversion rate by 915%. The data is displayed on the basis of previous purchases, searched products, online browsing history and create vast possibilities giving personalized kinda recommendations, hence increasing chances of buying.

Recommendations are either through pop-ups, emails or text messages. It even shows ads related to products according to the user’s interest with the same AI algorithm or social media platforms and search engines.These recommendations are useful in the sense of creating ROT (Return On Investment) for most of the brands by providing them the best solutions.

Reviews and recommendations have always favored chances of shopping more.

Virtual Assistance:  

If you are focused on providing real time interactive experience to your customer, then this is the best use of AI, Virtual Assistants. Ecommerce retailers have started moving towards digital assistants for 24*7 support. To interact with customers and providing them with a much better experience.

AI assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistants can process native languages and easily interpret the messages by the customers and respond to them in a language they understand.

They are completely transforming the purchasing process by carving a niche. Since AI clears insights through a careful analysis of data they gather, hence they are able to make the right decisions at the right time.

Customer Centric Search Approach:

The best thing any ecommerce website could provide is the use of customizing their search in a way that it displays relevant search results which motivates them to stay. Else customers would leave the site there itself. With AI it’s simple and easy to deal with such stuff.

It implies use of natural language to narrow, contextualize and enhance search results. By utilizing machine learning (part of AI), websites and applications can make use of visual elements, use voice recognitions, advance images to present search elements just as users do.

Thus AI technology has been giving a competitive turn to the online businesses through its customer centric model be implementing VR technologies, advanced images which help to tag, organize and search by mages or video traits.

Filtering Fake Reviews

We all believe and check online reviews and feedback before making a decision of purchase. For quality, genuineness of the item it is important and people do rely on this. But there are few cases where some fake spammers add fake reviews published by either competitors or other brands which impacts the reputation of retailers and owners. AI is helping to identify and filter such fake reviews and help customers through genuine comments. AI uses behavior and sentiment analytics to find suspicious activities and protect users from scams.

Optimize Inventory management:

It deals with demand and supply of the market and maintains inventory so efficiently to fulfill markets needs without adding to idle stock.  With the conventional practices of inventory management and to know how much stock should be available to maintain demand and supply was a difficult and monotonous task.

AI-enabled inventory management is analyzing historical data, finding & designing trends out of it, projected changes in product demand, potential supply issues that could impact inventories etc, all these to come upon precise decisions.

AI future will rely on automated robots and other innovations for warehouse management and productions in the ecommerce sector.

Privacy and Security:

Important concern in ecommerce platforms is to secure customer data at their site. Brands and retailers are striving hard to tackle this issue and find solutions to maintain the levels of privacy and security and they rely on AI for this.

By integrating AI solutions to your ecommerce site, your customer information will stay safe and secure with you and hoodlums at the bay of your store.

Summing up: AI in business is intended to enhance customer experience. In the coming years it’s going to bring huge beneficial changes in the ecommerce industry. Empowering sales, helping retailers to implement more structured models with AI and scaling the human capital.

Vaibhav Salot
About author

Specialization in Sales & Marketing.He has 5+ years experience in Marketing & Sales.
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