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Covid- 19 and its impacts on M Commerce

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Covid-19 has changed entirely the way we live, the way be work and to the environment where we live in. Forced people to live within their confined houses and maintain social distancing. These are just the possible measure we could do to prevent as from falling prey to it.

Remote working is gaining its importance. The companies who weren’t prepared for remote work has left with no choice to give their people the flexibility. As more individuals begin working from home, they are adhering to nuts and bolts, venturing outside just to purchase basic amenities and are continually stressed over the dangers of getting tainted in jam-packed spots like shopping centers and general stores.

Profits of major business are dropping on a heavy rate. Still Mobile Commerce and ecommerce industry are facing a shift and increase crediting the pandemic outbreak. Since it’s the only necessity this time.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an event that is reshaping how your customers are buying online, this apparently can possibly change how purchasers shop, devour data and even their respects towards how organizations work. The imbalance of meeting the demands of consumers for essentials and groceries and giving it rise through mobile networks like Smartphone’s and tablets. It has given rise to digital transformation.

According to data collected in month of March 2020 online orders increased by 210.1% as they fear to move out of their house. Thanks to smartphones and internet,demand for it has been increased too and being it be our savior during quarantine period.

The mobile commerce and ecommerce both are collectively changing and adapting to meet consumer needs and the best way to prevent it is by staying indoors, switching to mobile phones for purchasing good and items.

Market scenario and buyers conduct has changed to the point of being unrecognizable and there is clear sign that the Mobile Commerce industry will hit the US$ 200 billion imprint a lot of sooner.

Lets’ see what Impacts they have so far

Rise of Online Goods and Services:

As a preventory measure and notice issued by the government to push everyone to stay indoors and avoid shopping outside have yield everyone to glue on their mobile phones. Hence increasing mobile commerce. Therefore, housebound shoppers over the globe are turning towards online staple goods for their fundamental inventory.

Delivery of fruits and vegetables as online has upsurged. Saying it to be a case of getting infected through local vegetable vendors. The rate has been raised by up to 70%.

Health and Safety Products:

Any individual who has faced empty shelves or seen cost gouging on the web realizes that wellbeing, health, and safety items are being bought far quicker than they can be created and restocked. Products such as medical masks, sanitizers, and stocking up the basic medicines as a precautionary measure.

General medicines like cough, flu, and cold have roused to 198% high. Undoubtedly their buyers have expanded to 152%. In such instances, medical mobile applications can come to your rescue and can leverage most out of this situation.

Product Categories changed

Product categories have shifted according to the needs of people which can help them survive this lockdown and pandemic. From buying proactive health and wellness products to buying masks, hand sanitizers, grocery and household essentials to stock up products for quarantine time. However, these can be changed from time to time as per need and demand. Survey data shows women tend to buy more than then, men, amidst the effect of COVID-19.

Digital Streaming

People are now homebound, though working at the same time remotely but there is no denying fact that external entertainment options are also increasing to cheer us up. Online shows, series on digital streaming platforms are doing well and gaining from it. Amazon, Netflix, Disney+ seeing gains in is subscribers.

As schools are shut down, schools have found shelters on giving priorities to online classes. Children are studying through tablets and mobile phones to match up the pace with studies.

Fashion and Apparels

At this time we understand people are not much focused on in shopping for clothes in person. Almost all physical stores have closed down and facing huge losses and shifting their business to online through websites and mobile applications.

However, this is also true online sales are down now and putting more of their budgets to daily essentials


Amidst this pandemic, there is still hope for new innovations and ideas which can help us to deal with it a better way. Few have started experimenting with drones and automation for delivering products. Thinking about the need to limit physical contact, this thought, whenever executed well, can create an impact. With this thought, there is by all accounts potential for organizations that are anticipating growing such advances that can work consistently in an open domain.

Conclusion:  Covid-19 has been an appalling shock to the whole economy and the first priority being everyone’s safety.

It has changed the method of bossiness from offline to online, increasing mobile and eCommerce. It is knocking down the traditional walls creating a paradigm shift.

To sum up, We hope our researches find the vaccine soon and all businesses to resume.

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